December Webinar: Develop your Reading and Writing Skills


Dr David Ingram (co-creator of the ISLPR Test and the original IELTS test) hosted a webinar on 20 December 2018 to discuss the various ways ESL learners can improve their reading and writing skills form home.

The recording for this lecture is now available for purchase.

What’s included?

  • Dr Ingram will tell you the most common mistakes he has seen ESL learners make throughout his 50+ years teaching (including tips from when he was learning a foreign language!)
  • A reading exercise to  work through with Dr Ingram during the lecture.
  • Real-life answers from the ISLPR writing exam.

The lecture runs for approximately 9o minutes. You will be sent a handbook after payment has been made to read along with during the lecture.

Please note: the handbook is owned by © ISLPR Language Services. Any persons found to be sharing the handbook illegally will be subject to legal action.

December Webinar: Develop your Reading and Writing Skills


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